Saturday, July 3, 2010

World's Best Nailpolish


So, I'm not one to blog about "beauty secrets," fashion or the like; however, a friend of mine does at A while ago, she had a post containing nailpolish favorites, and this nailpolish was on the list. SO glad I tried it! As the picture shows, it's Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure. I tell you what, you need no top or base coat. Simply apply a couple coats of this magic polish, and you're good to go for at week plus. My hands are constantly in water washing dishes 2+ times a day (no dishwasher), in the kiddie pool with Griffin, bathing Griffin, etc. etc. etc., and 2 coats of this polish went CHIP FREE, my friends, for one entire WEEK! No joke. I suppose the reason I am so excited about this is because this phenomenon has never happened to me...chipless polish on my fingernails for a week?! I didn't think it existed. Now, imagine how long it will go chip free on toenails! Dream big, kids...This stuff is amazing. Man, I should get paid to do an infomercial or advertisement of some kind!
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  1. Awesome!! Glad it worked so well for you! :D And thanks for the shoutout. :)