Sunday, February 13, 2011

Growing Up

Pointing to the birds

He heard a dog and is trying to "woof" in this picture.
Drool. all. the time.  He's currently getting at least 4 teeth (maybe even 8) at once.  His two upper eye teeth have cut through this week, as well as his upper right 1 year molar.  Whew...Teething is rough.


Lately, Griffin has been quite the chatterbox.  He has a lot to say, and very little of it makes any sense...which I totally love and think is the cutest thing in the world.

"Seriously, mom?  That camera again?!"

He doesn't like to swing, but he likes to swing the swing :)

When Griffin wants to know what something is, he points to it and makes a questioning tone.  He is so very curious and is absorbing information like a sponge.  I am just so proud of him!

Making the sign for "bird" with his papa!  He has had a language explosion over the past few weeks, which I plan to blog about soon.

Love this.  Love them.  My husband and my son out in God's creation.  I am blessed.
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