Friday, February 25, 2011

Grandaddy and Gigi's Zoo Visit

This koala had a baby!  How precious.

Grandaddy is a BIG DEAL to Griffin these days.  He was signing "grandpa," saying "nah nah nah" (which apparently means "grandaddy" haha), and wanting him to hold him all day!  It is the sweetest thing.

Griffin's grandaddy took him on his very first carousel ride!  They chose the cheetah, and this particular carousel just so happened to be the fastest carousel any of us had ever seen!  They were just absolutely evidenced a couple pictures down from here haha!

Grandaddy explaining the ins and outs of carousel riding.
Hahahah!  This is such a great shot...blurry, but it definitely captures the moment :)  This carousel was not joking around.
Finally, Griffin just wrapped his arm around Bill to hold onto him!

The boys.

We stopped and had a little bite to eat, and Griffin got to have some fries with ketchup and some Icee with his Gigi.

So happy to be eating junk food.  You know, I really think the enjoyment of fat an sugar is just built into the human race.  This boy never ever eats sugary sweets or fatty things, but boy does he LOVE it when he can get his hands on food like that!  So funny.


This picture is a summary of the day...Griffin wanting to be with his Grandaddy!  Griffin just enjoyed him so much today!

My handsome husband.

Enjoying our beautiful zoo!

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  1. looked like fun! wish we could have been there too:)

  2. so sweet! griffin is so blessed to have such amazing grandparents! love their bond and what a blessing to be so close!