Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Zoo Time

Summer is upon us...and it's only March!!  The high today in Columbia was 88º.  You read that right.  Oliver's parents and brother, William, and his girlfriend, Cat, visited and went to the zoo with us this afternoon.  Shortly after arriving, we all realized our desperate need for Icees, and I realized that it was time to whip out the sunscreen for my sweet, fair toddler.  Although it was hot, it was a gorgeous day to be out and about.  The tulips were in full bloom, families were out in force, and an Icee never tasted so good. 
Griffin loves to run free.  He sort of runs in whatever direction he feels impelled to go, and it's our job to keep him from dashing right into groups of people, strollers, etc.  Today, he walked towards a group of people and grabbed excitedly onto a complete stranger's leg.  The man was very gracious, and it's nice that people just think he's so adorable at this age.  I suppose we'll have to teach him not to grab onto strangers pant legs at some point :)

Griffin enjoying some of his Grandaddy's Icee.  Grandaddy is still quite possibly Griffin's favorite person on the planet right now.  It's so sweet to see how much he adores him.

Griffin wasn't being very cooperative in getting a picture with Gigi.  I think he's entering into the phase where all pictures must be taken incognito.

Since Griffin's last run-in with the birds, where we were basically assaulted by birds (they were being quite aggressive that day) one jumped on his head and then clung to his shoulder, he has become quite serious when it comes to feeding the birds.  "Uncle Bubba" did a good job of keeping the birds at arms length, as not to scare the poor child.

Here Griffin is trying to say "eye."  He loved the tiger statue.

Poor Grandaddy is going to have sore arms tomorrow.  Like last time we went to the zoo, Griffin preferred to be held by none other than his Grandaddy the entire time!

Checking out the stinky flamingos.

After hitting his Papa in the face, we were (again) talking about being gentle, and using "gentle touch" with people's faces.  This is Griffin making it up to Oliver by using "gentle touch."  So cute it hurts.

We ran into a few good friends of mine and their kids, and this is my friend Kristin's son, Asher, and Griffin checking out the fish and whatnot in the Amazon tank.

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