Monday, October 11, 2010

A Boy and His Books

One early childhood trait that Oliver and I share is a great love for books.  Our parents have shared with us how, even as babies, we each loved flipping through the pages, looking at and touching the pictures, and "reading" out loud in our garbled baby talk.  Oliver even slept with his books in his crib!  His mom had to set limits on just how many he brought in there with him.  Each of us would sit there for long stretches at a time, totally engrossed in our books. 

Well, Griffin in truly our son.  We've been reading to him daily since he was a wee newborn, and as soon as he was able to sit up and hold a book, he's been in love with them.  I have to really keep my eye on him because he's still in the chewing phase and has quite a few teeth.  More than a few books have fallen victim to those little teeth.  So, books really don't stand a chance unless he's not in the chewing mood or if it's made out of plastic.  Anyway, he loves to sit there, just like his mama and papa, and turn the pages, touch the pictures, and "read" out loud in baby talk.  It's so cute.  Here are a couple of book-related videos:


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