Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Week!

What a week this has been! It started out well, and we had a guest over for the weekend, our dear friends' pup, Abner. I must say, Abner and Griffin had a blast together. Abner definitely got a few yummy licks of the leftovers on Griffin's face every now and then :)

Sunday night, our sweet boy awoke with a fever of 103, and thus, a nasty little virus began its attack. The jury is out as to whether or not Oliver and I will contract this beloved [heavy sarcasm intended] new house guest. We've definitely been loading up on our Vitamin C, hoping our immune systems will do their job; however, my heart just absolutely breaks as I watch my poor baby suffer. The fever has been fluctuating between 103 and about 99 since Sunday night, and other lovely [sarcasm again] symptoms have since reared their ugly heads...runny nose, watery eyes, and a horrid, croupy sounding hack with accompanying phlegm. After talking with our pediatrician over the phone, we brought him in for her to take a closer look. As of this afternoon, his ears, nose, throat, and chest are all looking good, and this is just a virus that must run its course. As comforting as it was to know that this virus is nothing out of the ordinary, it still does not spare Griffin the symptoms. Yesterday seemed a bit better, and he was able to crawl around a bit, getting into his usual daily "task" of pulling all his books off his shelf on our bookshelf... He loves to pull each one down and give it a good look-over before moving on to the next book. So cute. The caption of this picture should be, "What was that mom? Did you tell me to keep pulling all the books down? I couldn't quite hear you." Haha.
Today was substantially worse than the day before, with the onset of the croupy cough and choking on phlegm. Griffin was not able to play or crawl around at all, so we made a classic sick day out of it, complete with non-stop kid movies and curling up on the couch together. I suppose the silver lining of sick days with a baby is loads of cuddle time, and I could not be more pleased with that part of it. Nevertheless, I broke down in tears many times over the past few days, wishing I could do something to take Griffin's suffering away. It has made me contemplate how the Lord must feel as He looks at the suffering of all of His children. And not just the physical suffering... And yet He SENT His Son to Earth as a man, to live and then die to save His children. These past few days have helped me relate, if even just in a tiny, little way, to the desire God has in watching his children, suffering unto death with sin, and wanting to take that suffering upon Himself to spare them. I am so thankful to have such a Father.
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