Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obsessed with Papa

From about 7 months until 9 months, Griffin was going through quite a bit of attachment and separation anxiety with me, his mama.  It seemed as though a majority of the time, Griffin would crawl toward me/climb up on me whining whenever he saw me.  Many times, this was heartwarming and sweet; many other times, this was completely exhausting.  I knew it was just a phase.  Who knows...it might return!  But for now, his obsession with me has been replaced with an obsession with Oliver, although this "papa obsession" doesn't involve any whining or crying (YAY!).  I absolutely love seeing my boy so in love with my husband.  I mean, I obviously fell in love with Oliver, and it's so neat to watch my son light up around him.  I suppose he always lit up with his papa, but it has intensified to where he definitely prefers Oliver to me.  And, you know, it's a bit of a relief after the past few months!  Some examples of this new obsession:  When I come to get him after a nap, he smiles and gets excited....but then waits and will sort of pout if Oliver doesn't come in after me.  When I'm holding him and Oliver comes into the room, he'll start kicking and laughing and lean for his papa.  When I'm feeding him and Oliver is in the house, he is constantly searching for him and waiting to see him.  He gets very upset if Oliver is not home and he sees a picture or video of him.  There are many, many more examples, but here are a few videos of Griffin and his papa.

I love how Griffin's two obsessions collide in this next video (books and Oliver).  He can't decide if he wants to read his book or go after Oliver when he comes in the door...So, he decides to try to bring his book with him.  The book is quickly forgotten :)


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