Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am quite confident that everyone out there who has recently purchased a bag of SunChips has noticed a change in their packaging, and it.iS.louD.  Real loud.  Conversations-must-stop-because-you-are-reaching-in-for-a-chip loud.  People-cannot-help-but-comment-on-the-loudness-of-the-bag-every-single-time-they-open,-close,-or-see-a-bag loud.  I know, I know...They are doing a great thing by making an effort to be more environmentally conscious.  Yes, yes...I do love the fact that these bags are not only biodegradable, but they are also 100% compostable.  So, "yay!" for SunChips and for our planet, but "boo!" for every individual's SunChip experience from here on out.  Some sacrifices are worth making.  Here are a couple of videos of Griffin's latest discovery of the crazy loud SunChips bag.


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