Saturday, September 4, 2010

8 Months


Well, our boy turned 8 months at the end of last month. It's hard to believe 8 months have passed already, and yet, it's been such a life-altering 8 months that I cannot seem to remember what my life was like 8 months ago and beyond. I must admit, I've been terribly negligent with this blog for the past month or so... Mainly, it's due to a lot of travel (3 weeks spent in Illinois and Michigan visiting family and a weekend spent in Charleston for my birthday), a lot of teething, lots of colds, and a lot of very, very short naps on Griffin's part. Poor guy...he has suffered through 2 colds and 8 teeth in the past month alone!

Some developmental leaps Griffin has made over the past couple months:
-"crawling" (more like lurching forward and falling onto his belly)
-waving (and saying "hi!" in the same tone we cute)
-signing "all done," "more," and "up"
-saying "mama," "papa," "baba" (not sure what that means...i'm thinking it's more babbling), and "hiyah" (i believe this is "hi")
-going from sitting to laying and laying to sitting
-pulling up all the time and trying to pull up on everything in sight
-picking up and eating small chunks of banana
-making all kinds of cheesy, cute faces with his new mouth full of 8 teeth
-imitating sounds, tones, facial expressions, and gestures
-"walking" when you hold his hands and walk him around
-object permanence has developed, where he knows that people and objects still exist and are there even though he cannot see them...This has led to quite a bit of fussing/whining for his mama when he can't see me. We're working on this.
-he is currently 20lbs 7oz, which is only 3oz more than his last visit. This was alarming to me at first, but his pediatrician explained that this is a normal plateau that most babies reach when they start really moving around, crawling, pulling up, etc. I must admit, it is strange to see him slow down so much in weight gain after having a boy that packed on the pounds so fast for the first 7 months. I can say that he is quite a bit longer in his legs, arms and body overall.
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