Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pulling Up

For almost a month, Griffin's main objective in life has been to pull himself up on everything and anyone in sight.  Currently, he's gotten big on transferring from one object/person to another.  Watching him do this reminds me of watching him start sitting up; he has an almost irresistible compulsion to use his new abilities, and so much so that napping/sleeping becomes difficult.  Every time he wakes slightly, he absolutely must pull himself up in the crib.  From there, he is completely miserable, because he is tired and just wants to sleep.  Problem is that is doesn't know he can simply lay back down and go to sleep.  So, he'll stand there and cry with exhaustion until he falls or we go lay him back down.  Poor guy.  I know that someday soon, he'll get it.


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