Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Son is a Genius!

Lately, Griffin has been VERY into pointing, and we've discovered that he wants us to tell him what the pointed to items are. So yesterday, we were working on facial features like nose, mouth, eye. This morning, while Oliver was changing Griffin's diaper, he asked Griffin to point to his nose...not really thinking anything would come of it....BUT HE DID! Then he asked Griffin to point to his mouth, and imagine our surprise when he DID!  So, Oliver calls me in saying, "You won't believe this!"  Of course, I grab the camera :)  Folks, this is no fluke.  Several different times today, we asked him to point to our nose, our mouth, our mouth, our nose, etc., switching it up every time, and he totally knows!  I'm amazed.  Our son is a genius.


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