Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween, Chicken-style

Fall family picture before we got Griffin all dressed up
Papa and son
Family picture after dressing up our little chicken
Painting on his beak
All dressed!
Could he be more adorable?
I think not.
Griffin and his buds, Owen, Hudson, and Sullivan, all dressed up for Halloween!
The chicken sees the frog.
The chicken meets the frog.
The chicken points and laughs at the frog.  Oliver says this reminds him of some long-lost Aesop's Fable called, "Why Frogs are Intimidated by Chickens."  Hahah.
My little chicken.

Couldn't get him to crack a smile.
Be still my beating heart...
Dancing the chicken dance.
Quite possibly the only good shot of us with our boys :)  It was a tough one to capture.

We had a blast on our first Halloween as parents, and we're looking forward to next year!  All the boys will be walking, talking....and who knows, maybe there will be some more babies!


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