Monday, November 29, 2010

Mocs on the Mind

With cold weather upon us, I have [yet again] discovered that I lack the proper footwear for such a season as winter.  Since moving to the South in 2002, I've made do with cheapo flats and my trusty pair of Birkenstock slip-ons; however, those Birkenstocks have unfortunately become what I like to call "Stinkenstocks" over the years (other Birkenstock owners will be able to identify with me here), and they are officially retired to spare myself and others their unpleasantness.  So, I began the great search for the perfect winter shoes.  Since I only seem to get one pair of cold weather shoes every 5 years, I'm wanting to shoot for the highest quality and durability I can achieve within a reasonable, affordable price range.   After searching and searching for a boot that is casual and everyday, yet attractive, fun and interesting, yet not obnoxious, comfortable and cozy, yet not sloppy looking.  And this is why I've arrived in the land of moccasin boots.

Minnetonka makes moccasins that last forrrrreverrrrr.  Investing in a pair of these pretty ladies is similar, yet not nearly as expensive, as investing in a pair of cowboy boots.  There are a couple other moccasin boot makers that I've looked at, but I'm not sure they are up to par with Minnetonka.  Since I like getting the opinions of my friends and family on things such as paint colors for dressers and names for my pets and children, why not for which boots to go for?  It's a quandary for me....It really is.  I'm so indecisive.  So here are my options [so far].  Let me know what YOU think!  (By the way, I've thrown in a couple that are WAY out of my price range, just for fun :)  They were too great not to include in the mix!

Minnetonka Woodstock

Lassen Noruega

Old Friend Tina

Frye Alex

Minnetonka Calf Hi Suede

Minnetonka Three-in-One Calf Hi

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  1. So here's my 2 cents (though I am far from being a fashionista): I love the Frye Alex and the Lassen Noruega ones. I think the fringe is only good with certain outfits, so I feel the like the fringeless ones are more versatile. You can dress them up a bit more and also dress them down, whereas I feel the fringe ones are only for casual wear. Also, I think the colors of those boots are the most versatile.