Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 27th, Oliver!

I am married to a great man, and he turns 27 today!  It's such a blessing to have him in my life as my husband, best friend, and father to my child.  There are few things in life that warms my heart more than watching Oliver with Griffin. Oliver, thank you for spending the past 8 years with me.  Thank you for your commitment to and love for our family, your hard work in financially providing while going to college, and your genuine heart.  I know that the Lord has been shaping and preparing you for His calling on your life, but I see you fulfilling that calling step-by-step from the time I met you in YWAM, through college at CIU, and leading up to your future career.  And I'm so glad you're mine :)  xoxoxo, husband.


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