Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Favorite Things 2

Publix - (pronounced "PUB-licks" for any northern readers)  After grocery shopping predominately at dreaded, soul-sucking, customer-abusing Walmart for years and years, my first visit to Publix was an absolute Disney movie.  I had just moved to South Carolina from Florida, and I noticed the produce Walmart provided was typically rotten.  So, I made a stop at the Publix down the street to get my produce.  Imagine my surprise when I not only was spared abuse by the employees, but was served and helped and treated with respect!  Imagine my delight when I floated down the aisles with a smooth-gliding, quiet cart, quickly and easily found all the products I was looking for because they were so well-organized and intuitively placed, and did not have to wait in a 20 minute line upon checkout.  In fact, a sweet lady opened up an aisle for me when she saw I was pulling in behind another customer.  AMAZING!  Then, wonder upon wonders!, a kind lad pushed my cart out to my car and unloaded my groceries and did not expect a tip!  Since I started couponing, Publix is less expensive than Walmart, and I've switched over to Publix for good.
My Great Aunt Shirley's Over Easy Egg Trick - Get ready to be amazed.  So, I eat 2 eggs and toast every single morning (a habit I got into whist pregnant), and I like my eggs over medium or medium-well.  If anyone has ever tried to make eggs AND keep the yolk intact, they know that it is a nightmare.  If the yolk gets broken, breakfast is half ruined!  And for me, the yolk typically gets broken when I go to flip the eggs over.  WELL...This summer, my Great Aunt Shirley shared with me a trick she has used for years and years to make the perfect eggs.  Steam them!  Here's how it works:  First, spray your skillet with cooking spray and turn the burner on medium heat.  Second, crack your eggs into the pan.  Third, add a bit of water (1t-1T), salt and pepper.  Fourth, cover and let cook until the yolk clouds over.  Fifth, slide eggs onto your plate and enjoy!  Seriously, this makes the best eggs ever!
Barefoot Moscato - I love sweet wine.  This might be my absolute favorite.
 Our Fire Pit - There's just something about a fire...  It isn't unusual for us to have a fire 5 nights a week when the weather is cool enough.  Friends sitting around a fire is definitely superior to friends sitting around with no fire.  Our fire pit looks a lot like this:
 Reese's S'mores - Enough said.
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  1. katie that egg idea is PERFECT! i always have trouble -so i got annoyed and switched to scrambled (which has gotten old) -but now i can go back to my old ways (but improved!!!) thanks for sharing! : )
    -anne (van de water)